Bug Tasting

Bug Tasting

Pierre Thiam has come out with a new top-rated cookbook, where he is blending ingredients and frying fritters of black-eyed peas. His “snack of the future” includes pulverized dried mealworms and crickets!

“Insects are not gross,” he says. “They are great for our planet. We are going to need to eat insects in the very near future.” 2 billion people already eat insects. In fact, having an array of bugs on your plate is a lot friendlier to the environment than most animal protein alternatives.

Having an insect-studded cuisine isn’t as gross as you would imagine either. A huge part of this is because they aren’t on the ground staring back up at you! Jimini’s, a commercial prodder of insect foods in Europe offers everything from crunchy paprika crickets to sesame and cumin mealworms. Clever name!

When Chef Thiam cooked at a show with some of his insect infused recipes people were rushing up to the stage for a taste. Most emerged with a smile and a few even licked their fingers!

Would you be willing to try insects? They are a great source of protein!