Hurdles Ahead for Zika Virus Vaccine

Hurdles Ahead for Zika Virus Vaccine

The world is demanding a vaccine for the Zika virus be developed yesterday. Well, unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much researchers and experts are pushed and urged to quickly develop a vaccine out of thin air that will save us all, reality is settling in and with the hurdles those scientists are going to have to overcome they’ve got their work cut out for them and a miracle cure isn’t likely.

For starters there is a huge knowledge gap when it comes to this virus. Most of us hadn’t even heard of it until a few weeks ago, let alone that it is dangerous. For a long time scientists simply thought the virus caused mild flu-like symptoms and that was it, so not much research has been done on the virus. Remember the terrible Ebola outbreak? Well, when it comes to what we know about the Zika virus, this situation is ten times worse. But that isn’t going to stop us! There are a number of biotech firms that are racing right this very moment to create a Zika vaccine as quickly as humanly possible.

How much do you know about the Zika virus? Had you even heard of it until a few weeks ago?

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