The WHO Increases Warning to Pregnant Women

The WHO Increases Warning to Pregnant Women


The Zika virus is continuing to spread, and things aren’t looking too good right now for people all over the world. In reaction to the increased cases of the Zika virus as well as cases of microcephaly as well as other birth disorders, the WHO released another statement warning pregnant women against traveling to Zika infected areas.

Pregnant women and women who may become pregnant need to be extremely careful when it comes to this virus. New reports also reveal that sexual transmission is much more common than officials had previously thought. Several countries have now reported cases of sexual transmission. Not only should pregnant women avoid traveling to countries where the virus is active, but they should practice safe sex with any partners who have traveled to these countries.

Currently, scientists are working on finding out how the virus is transmitted from the mother to her fetus. A cellular model of the human placenta has been created to aid in this research.

Do you think pregnant women and perhaps all women of childbearing age should be extremely cautious about avoiding possibly catching this virus? Do you think this could turn into a birth and population crisis in the future?

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