New Insect Protein Bar!

New Insect Protein Bar

Are you looking for a new way to get your daily dose of protein? Well, look no farther than your own

backyard because consuming insects for their rich source of protein is becoming all the rage. A new

protein bar is on the market made with cricket flour. How great is that? You can get your daily

recommended dose of insects and you won’t even be able to taste them. How much easier can it get?

The new Exo Protein Bar is madewith cricket flour, the brain child of Kevin Bachhuber, owner and

founder of Big Cricket Farms. He raises insects solely for the purpose of turning them into tasty treats for

you and me. He produces cricket flour that is used in a number of snacks, including cookies, pastries,

and protein bars. 80 percent of the world is familiar with the human consumption of insects, including

over two billion people that eat them globally. Bachhuber thought it might take a little more to convince

U.S. consumers to hop on the bandwagon, but has been pleasantly surprised by the positive response

he’s gotten. You never know what might be included in the ingredients of your next snack.

Have you been following the boom in human consumption of insects? Would you consider eating

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