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Archive for June 2016

Being Wary of Wasps

Let’s be honest. Wasps are scary. They seem to get angry at the slightest provocation, can sting you multiple times, and will swarm even if you just bug one of their members. For these and many other reasons you want to be especially careful of staying on their good side. Here are some tips that…

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Insects That Actually Help Your Garden

For the most part when people see insects in their garden they know it’s time to get out the pesticide and prepare for battle. However, you might want to take a second glance at what kind of insects have settled in your garden before you attack because there are certain insect species that will prove…

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Annihilate Those Ants

While ants aren’t dangerous in the sense that they don’t spread any deadly diseases, they can still be a big pain to deal with when you find you have an infestation of them in your yard or house. They seemingly come from nowhere, and can be very difficult to entirely get rid of. The biggest…

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Attack of the Clones

Longhorn crazy ants have been steadily spreading throughout the world, somehow outcompeting against other ant species despite the fact that their small populations should result in a lot of inbreeding, which should cause genetic defects and thus prevent this species from successfully spreading. However, scientists have observed that there are a lot of incestuous relationships…

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Malaria Makes You Smell Delicious to Mosquitos

You’d think it would be bad enough just catching malaria. It’s a pretty unpleasant and dangerous disease to catch, but apparently, it also makes mosquitos even more attracted to you. Scientists already knew that factors like sweat, breath odor, and high body temperature could affect how much a person attracts mosquitos, but a new study…

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New Mosquito Species Hitched a Ride to the U.S.

A mosquito species native to Australia has recently been found in urban California. The Aedes notoscriptus is yet another mosquito species that gets its kicks out of feeding on and spreading horrible diseases to humans. The species is well known in Australia, and has adapted to live in very small water sources such as birdbaths…

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Insects on the Battlefield

During the Civil War, an enemy combatant was not the only threat facing soldiers in the Union and Confederate armies.  They also worried, or should have worried, about bugs!  In fact, it would not be hard to make the argument that bugs could have posed an even greater threat than the enemy. Did you know…

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