Insects That Actually Help Your Garden

For the most part when people see insects in their garden they know it’s time to get out the pesticide and prepare for battle. However, you might want to take a second glance at what kind of insects have settled in your garden before you attack because there are certain insect species that will prove helpful in keeping those bad insects away. Here are some insects that you not only want to leave be but actually encourage to stay in your garden.

The aphid midge is a great example of an insect that you definitely want protecting our garden. Theses guys go after 60 different species of aphids, which are one of the main insect pests that destroy gardens. These tiny insects are masters at sniffing out aphid colonies. One larvae will eat up to 80 aphids. Not only that, but these vicious killers tend to kill more aphids than they actually eat.

The assassin bug is another insect predator that you definitely want on your side. Like most assassins they are very good at what they do, and will kill and feed on such insect pests as bees, flies, and caterpillars. There are a number of different kinds of assassin bugs including the ambush bug, milkweed assassin bug, and the wheel bug.

Do you have any insect predators in your garden that help ward off other insect pests? How helpful are they?



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