The Swiss Army Versus Bed Bugs

You don’t hear about the Swiss Army too often. I’ll be honest. I wasn’t entirely sure the Swiss even had an army. It turns out that they do, though, and they’re currently fighting the battle to end all battles. While the Swiss tend to stay neutral in most wars, this is one in which they simply couldn’t stand aside as innocent human lives were ruined and upright citizens were tortured to within an inch of their lives. So, who is this dastardly foe I speak of? They’re the most feared empire on the planet…bedbugs!

Bedbugs have invaded the dormitories of the Swiss Army! A parents’ day event had been planned for the trainees for the date of July 16th. However, due to the chaotic and itchy invasion of the bedbugs in the dormitories of three companies at the infantry training school, the parents were warned away and the trainees are currently fighting a fierce battle against these clever foes. They’ve even had to call in backup in the form of pest control operatives, who are battling the evil forces at this very moment. No casualties have been reported, however, “several recruits had bites typical of bedbugs.” We wish them luck for the days and months of combat they have ahead of them.

Have you ever done battle with bedbugs? How did your army fare?

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