How Long Have Bed Bugs Been A Problem?

Bed bugs originated in the tropics and have been annoying people for a very long time. They were first documented during the first century, and they are noted for their ability to hitchhike on people’s clothes or other sources of fabric. Bed bugs have likely been a problem for humans since day one, but there…

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What If We Just Killed All Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous creatures on the earth. They kill hundreds of thousands of people each year, which is more than any other animal on the planet, although I am sure that they are rivaled by humans. With the advent of Zika, there are many people shrugging and asking about what would happen if…

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Scientists Discover A New Type Of Centipede

An insect enthusiast vacationing in Thailand lifted a rock with the hopes that maybe he would stumble upon an undiscovered type of bug. He did indeed find a creature that he had never seen before, but a colleague of his had just discovered it in the same country. That is a bummer for the guy…

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It Is True! Bugs Can Crawl Into Your Ears!

It is commonly believed that over the course of our lives we will consume a whole lot of spiders by inadvertently eating them in our sleep. And not only that, but there are several common stories that talk about bugs laying eggs inside different body cavities in humans. These stories are believed to be myths,…

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The Spider That Lives In A Bubble

The diving bell spider lives a seemingly difficult, and probably frustrating life. This type of spider is the only spider to call the water its habitat. However, this spider does not have gills, so it is forced to build small submersibles that allow for underwater travel. Nature has endowed the diving bell spider with the…

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Common American Mosquito Species Found to Also Carry the Zika Virus

Up till recently the only mosquitos known to be capable of transmitting the Zika virus were species that prefer warmer, tropical climates. However, scientists just discovered that a much more prevalent mosquito species in the U.S. called Culex tarsalis mosquitos, which frequently inhabit climates in colder parts of the country such as Northern California and…

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