Experts Discover That Zika May Be Transmitted Through Bodily Fluids

Until recently experts were under the impression that Zika could only be transmitted through sexual activity, blood transfusions, bites from the Zika carrying mosquito, and an infected mother can pass the disease to her unborn child. However, a recent case coming from Utah suggests that the virus can be spread by other means, such as bodily fluids other than blood.

Federal and state officials have suggested the possibility of Zika being passed from individual to individual via tears, fecal matter, saliva, vomit or urine. This announcement was made following a case involving a man caring for his Zika infected father. The man in question contracted the virus despite following all the guidelines aimed at Zika prevention.

Health officials noted that the elderly mans Zika infection was worse than normal as his blood levels showed a level of Zika contamination one thousand times higher than average, which suggests that his particular case was so extreme that he could spread the disease through other means not yet know to health officials. Now health officials are recommending that those people caring for Zika infected patients take extra precautions to avoid contact with the bodily fluids of the infected. The son of the elderly man taken by Zika has made a full recovery.

How do you think this man contracted the Zika virus from his Zika infected father?


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