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Archive for October 2016

Insects As Biofuel

A company known as HiProMine (HPM) is planning on using insects to create everything from cosmetic products to fuel for space missions. The variety of different bugs that are kept at HPM feed off of waste from meat, fruit and other types of food waste that is gathered from nearby food industries. It turns out…

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Insect Culture During The Victorian Age

The Victorian Era during the nineteenth century made plenty of room for various types of insects that Europeans at the time found absolutely fascinating for a variety of reasons. The influence of insects can be seen in the clothing fashion that ruled the time period, as well as many works of literature and art. The…

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What Makes Insect Wings So Fragile Yet Tough?

Insect wings, whether belonging to a butterfly, mosquito or a dragonfly, appear to be composed of seemingly fragile material that could tear easily. Although insect wings are rather easy to puncture, researchers from Trinity College in Dublin found that insect wings are nevertheless quite durable. Researchers used the wings of the almost constantly airborne desert…

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The Second Most Painful Insect Sting On Earth

Have you ever heard of an insect known as a tarantula hawk? Maybe you recognize the strange insect name as being the state insect of New Mexico. Or, perhaps, you have spotted one of these behemoths in the dessert, which you would not forget about being as its sizable frame makes it a rather terrifying…

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Plants Proven to Repel Mosquitos

With the Zika virus having entered the U.S. it is more important than ever to wear your insect repellent. And to aid in this effort towns are also doing mass spraying of pesticides throughout neighborhoods. But, did you know that you can help ward away those mosquitos in your own garden. There are a number…

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Burning Man is Under Attack From Insects

You may be familiar with the annual Burning Man festival that takes place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Usually this famous festival goes off without a hitch, however, this year they’ve been infested with swarms of stinking, biting bugs that are somehow finding a way to survive the extreme heat and burning hot sun. At…

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The Dilemma of the Carnivorous Plant – How to Get Insects to Pollinate Them Rather Than Run Away Screaming For Their Lives

Carnivorous plants need to procreate too. How do they do this? Why through pollination, of course. They grow flowers for insects to pollinate when they are ready to reproduce. Unfortunately, this involves the very insects that they also lure into their clutches and eat. So, how do these plants that are known for eating insects…

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Waco Christmas Light Decoration

Were You Aware We Do Christmas Lights?  Yes, not only do we do pest control, we can do your Christmas lighting as well!  GGA is a part of Christmas Decor which has over 350 franchises throughout the United States and Canada.  We have been lighting up homes in Central Texas since 2001.  We come to…

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Pigs Will Eat Anything

You’ve probably been hearing about the insect eating trend that has been sweeping across the world. Insects appear to be the answer to all of our problems with sustainability, as they are an inexpensive source of sustenance and provide much more of the nutrients our bodies need such as protein and essential vitamins and minerals.…

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