Burning Man is Under Attack From Insects

You may be familiar with the annual Burning Man festival that takes place in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Usually this famous festival goes off without a hitch, however, this year they’ve been infested with swarms of stinking, biting bugs that are somehow finding a way to survive the extreme heat and burning hot sun. At first no one could figure out what kind of bugs were ruining the fun, but new information has surfaced and the pest has been found out.

It looks like there are actually two species of bugs bugging Burning Man. The first is the common green stink bug, insects that are unfortunately attracted to light, which doesn’t bode well for a festival known for its incredible light displays. They also happen to emit a very strong odor, which some have compared to coriander, when people disturb them.

The other culprits are apparently seed bugs. They also release a terrible smell, and get their jollies by poking people with their proboscises, which happens to hurt like hell. The funny thing is they’re not actually trying to hurt anyone or attacking people when they do this. Since they are desert bugs, they are constantly searching for water everywhere using their proboscises, which is akin to a long, hollow tongue. And unfortunately, they don’t discriminate between plants and people’s skin during their search.

Why do you think these bugs have just appeared to drive people nuts at the Burning Man festival this year?

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