Plants Proven to Repel Mosquitos

With the Zika virus having entered the U.S. it is more important than ever to wear your insect repellent. And to aid in this effort towns are also doing mass spraying of pesticides throughout neighborhoods. But, did you know that you can help ward away those mosquitos in your own garden. There are a number of plants that help keep those disease-spreading mosquitos away, so plant a few and do your part to stop the spread of this epidemic.

One of the best mosquito-repelling plants is citronella. Plant this baby inside and outside and you’ll have what amounts to a virtual force field warding off mosquitos. You can also crush up the leaves and rub the oil on your skin to use as an insect repellent.

Lemongrass is another plant good for keeping mosquitos away. Not only that, but it smells of fresh lemons, and you can use it in your cooking too! Summer savory is often used as a companion plant to beans and onions. When it’s kept near bean plants it also protects them from the Mexican bean beetle. Bonus: you can add it to cakes and pies for a splash of spiciness.

Do you have any of these plants in your garden? Do they help keep mosquitos away?

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