Dangerous Mosquitoes Successfully Eradicated As A Result Of Marlon Brando’s Efforts

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals on earth as they are responsible for thousands of deaths a year. They spread terrible and deadly diseases. As a result of the danger that many types of mosquitoes pose, there has been, and are currently many scientific efforts aimed at solving the problems caused by mosquitoes. Surprisingly, an island once belonging to Marlon Brando has lead the scientific effort to safely eradicate dangerous mosquitoes from various regions.

The process of eradicating the dangerous mosquito, which is referred to as Aedes polynesiensis, was described as quite simple. The effort involved introducing into the dangerous environment a particular type of mosquito that would sterilize the female disease-carrying insects upon mating. After several generations, the dangerous types of mosquitoes had become completely extinct.

Much of the research that led to the eradication of the disease-carrying mosquito was funded by the late actor Marlon Brando. Brando owned the island being discussed. He reportedly purchased the island for its beauty and has since funded efforts to retain its beauty through a foundation in his name.

Do you think that the method of mosquito control discussed in the article would suffice to eradicate the Zika carrying mosquito from the United States and elsewhere?



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