Pastor Uses Insecticide to Heal His Congregant’s Souls

The power of faith can have quite amazing healing abilities, and has been reported to once in a while bring about miracles. I generally thought that it was holy water that was supposed to be used to anoint followers of the Christian faith. Pastor Lethebo Rabalago, of the Mount Zion General Assembly (MZGA), in Limpopo South Africa has started using insecticide, which he sprays on his congregants in large doses, as his miracle water. And he claims to have healed many of his congregants with this new practice.

So, what insecticide can cure the sick and does Pastor Rabalago buy in bulk? He sprays generous amounts of Doom Super Multi Insect Killer in his congregants’ faces. Now, the Doom manufacturer Tiger Brands is understandably dismayed by this new practice, as they claim that it is unsafe to spray the insecticide in people’s faces, which really holds true for any aerosol spray. So, why exactly is the pastor in South Africa spraying his congregants with insecticide? Well, he says that God told him to use Doom on them. I’m seriously wondering which God he’s been speaking to…last time I heard spraying insecticide in someone’s face was not an approved practice. And if God really did suggest this move, it makes me wonder if he’s really mentally fit to be God anymore…everyone knows you don’t spray aerosols in peoples’ faces…

Do you think this pastor’s practice of spraying insecticide in his congregants’ faces could actually lead to them becoming sick? What kind of harmful side effects could it have?

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