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Archive for December 2016

Congaree National Park Is Being Invaded By Giant Spiders

Researchers have recently taken note of the golden silk orb weavers’ migratory patterns. The GSOW is known for inhabiting the coastlines of South Carolina. However, researchers are now finding them more inland. Many of these spiders are congregating at Congaree National Park. Federal officials are saying that this particular case of spider migration occurred as…

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Eusocial Behavior Is A Much Older Trait In Insects Than Previously Thought

A new ninety nine million year old beetle has been found encased in amber. The beetle probably lived among certain insects that demonstrated eusocial behaviors, such as insects and termites,  which indicates that insects developed the ability to behave in a eusocial manner very early on during insect evolution. The evolution of eusocial behavior in…

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Zika Has Made Its Way Across The Rio Grande

Public health officials from Texas have officially announced the first case of a person contracting Zika from a mosquito bite within the state of Texas. The patient’s urine sample tested positive for fragments of the virus’s DNA, but a sample the patient’s blood came up negative for Zika. Since the virus has not been detected…

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The Arthropod That Doesn’t Have A Body

A certain arthropod known as tardigrade has been around for hundreds of millions of years. It seems that this creature has evolved into an organism that possesses a single head as its sole feature, not including its many tiny legs. For years researchers have been trying to identify which family of arthropod the tardigrade is…

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Newly Discovered Slug Causes A Life Threatening Disease

Robert Hollingsworth, a research entomologist with the US Department of Agriculture, discovered a new species of slug in Hawaii. After a bit of research it was determined that this type of slug is a more dangerous carrier of the parasite known as angiostrongylus cantonensis. This parasite causes a disease known as rat lungworm disease if…

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Bees Cause More Structural Damage Than You Would Believe

We all know that there exists several different insect species that destroy structures, such as termites, which feed on wood based structures like houses. But as far as bees go, we can hate them for stinging us on past occasions, but we definitely cannot accuse honeybees of damaging man made structures, right? After all, bees…

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The Odd Evolution Of The Orchid Mantis

There are plenty of strange and exotic looking bugs in the world, and the orchid mantis is no exception. This bug has evolved to look exactly like a flower, which is a great for hiding from predators, or for ambushing prey. After decades of unsatisfied curiosity, scientists now seem to know why the orchid mantis…

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