What One Man Does To Protect Himself Against Brown Recluse Spiders

Have you ever been afraid of something while sleeping in your bed at night? Maybe ghosts, or burglars or that scary movie you knew you should not have watched? Typically our sometimes scary nighttime imaginings can get the best of us, for Matt Kallmeyer his nighttime fears happen to be real, and if he is not careful about where he sleeps, he could wind up dead. Of course the menace that has been badgering Matt is the brown recluse spider, or several of them.

In response to Matt repeatedly encountering brown recluse spiders in his home, he has become become resourceful. Matt has been, and still is, living in a tent inside of his home. Matt believes that by keeping the tents entrance zipped up nearly all of the time he can avoid seeing the brown recluse inside of his safe zone, or his tent to be more precise.

However, according to one expert, Matt’s insect control method will prove unsuccessful. A representative for the Ace extermination company has claimed that a tent, even when zipped up, still contains many openings that would not stop a determined brown recluse. Matt finally wised up and called an exterminator, but the bug professionals won’t know if Matt has an infestation for a couple of days, so I guess he will get to enjoy his childhood tent for a few more nights.

While in your own home have you ever taken extreme measures to avoid a spider?

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