Congaree National Park Is Being Invaded By Giant Spiders

Researchers have recently taken note of the golden silk orb weavers’ migratory patterns. The GSOW is known for inhabiting the coastlines of South Carolina. However, researchers are now finding them more inland. Many of these spiders are congregating at Congaree National Park. Federal officials are saying that this particular case of spider migration occurred as a result of climate change.

Many nonnative insects and spider species have wound up at Congaree National Park, and with the exception of the GSOW, scientists don’t know why so many bugs find this national park so alluring. The GSOW, on the other hand, is migrating as a result of climate change, and the experts don’t doubt this statement.

Since 1991 average temperatures at the national park have increased by at least one half of a degree. Park officials started to notice a GSOW presence since 2008, and since then they have thrived in this particular region. Their eggs can be spotted nearly anywhere within the park. Luckily, the GSOW is harmless to humans, but how these spiders could change the ecosystem within the park is another question.

Do you believe that the golden silk orb weaver spider could become a harmful pest if their population proliferates unchecked at the national park?




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