Can I Identify A Spider Bite By Spotting Two Puncture Wounds?

Since spiders have two fangs you would think that a spider bite would leave two puncture wounds on a person’s skin. And this is somewhat true. Both of a spider’s fangs inject venom into its victim’s bloodstream, but not all wounds will appear to be from two fangs. In any spider that is smaller than a tarantula, the two fangs will be so close together that you will not be able to make out two different puncture wounds.

Similar to the way in which a hypodermic needle punctures our skin without leaving a mark, a spider’s fangs puncture our skin in much the same way. The smaller the spider the less visible its bite marks.

When you do find yourself with a bite that looks like two separate puncture points then you have probably been twice bitten by a bloodsucking insect, like a tic for example, or it could be a double skin eruption from one arthropod bite or a disease of some kind. It can be difficult or impossible to ascertain if a wound is from a bug the majority of the time.

Have you ever visited the doctor for a wound that you thought was from a spider bite? And if yes, did the doctor think so?

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