Hot Spiders Make Their Way Into Swimming Pools

Who doesn’t like to take a dip in a nice cool swimming pool during the summer months? During heat waves the local swimming pool can be a life saver for people, and apparently, for spiders as well. Spiders seeking out cool bodies of water, which includes swimming pools, is an understandable behavior for a cold blooded creature looking for relief in the summer heat. Finding spiders heading for swimming pools, and actually finding spiders inside of swimming pools is not unprecedented.

One pool owner not only noticed spiders inside of his pool, but he also calculated the amount of time that a spider, in his case a funnel web spider, is capable of surviving underwater. According to a pool owner, Tom Storey, the funnel web spider can survive between twenty four and thirty hours underwater. So the next time you go swimming, be sure to check the pool thoroughly for any venomous spiders.

Have you ever found a potentially dangerous spider in a swimming pool?

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