If You Like Tequila Then You Should Also Like Bats

Bats are unpleasant creatures, but there are many people that find these creatures fascinating nonetheless. However, if you are one of those people who cannot learn to appreciate the existence of bats, then ask yourself if you drink and/or enjoy the popular Mexican beverage known as Tequila. If you do enjoy tequila then you owe the lesser-long nosed bat, or just simply the “tequila bat”, a gesture of gratitude.

Tequila is a Mexican alcoholic beverage that is made from the agave plant, which co-evolved with tequila bats for millions of years. During the night, bats feed on the nectar from these desert plants. Next, the bats spread the agave seeds and pollen throughout the desert, allowing the agave plant to propagate at rapid rates. So if it was not for the tequila plant, agave would be in short supply, and tequila would be the most expensive and sought after of all intoxicating spirits.

Do you think that bats are just as effective at pollinating plants as bees are? Which other plants do bats help pollinate if any?



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