So How Do Those Tarantula Beverages Taste?

I have heard of eating bugs, in this day in age, who has not caught wind of the new bug-eating fad? Maybe even some of your friends have taken the dive into cricket munching. However, there is one particular arachnid-containing beverage that is making its way the western world from Southeast Asia, and that beverage contains big hairy tarantulas that just sit within your drink.

Imagine taking a drink of what you think is going to be cool lemonade only to find out that the drink is too hot, and there are also two big and terrifying tarantulas floating around in it. No, the tarantulas did not fall from a ceiling in a bar only to land in someone’s drink. These beverages, in accordance with Southeast Asian culture are treated like a delicacy, in much the same way that Cambodians love mealworms and crickets. I like to think I have courage, but not only would I not drink that spider juice, I would not want to be within a mile of such a repulsive concoction.
Do you think that someone drinking a beverage with tarantulas marinating inside of it, may face some health problems as a result of spider venom leaking into the cup?

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