Why Do Raccoons Get Along Well Living Near Humans?

Raccoons are everywhere as they are they are one of the most widely distributed and abundant of all mammals in North America. And people typically respond well to the presence of raccoons since they are so cute, which has aided them in becoming well adapted to human settings.

Raccoons are omnivores and they will willingly eat every type of food that humans are known to prefer, such as fruit, nuts and basically every food group on the pyramid. And since they are carnivores they prefer to eat meat along with humans, so it is clear why raccoons have become so close to humans.

Raccoon populations are also more likely to thrive the closer they are to human settlements. Studies show that raccoons dwelling in urban and suburban regions live longer lives than raccoons dwelling in rural regions. Although raccoons are not likely to replace dogs anytime soon, they are more used to human activity than you probably assume, and there is a chance that you have a few living in your garage or attic right now.

Have you ever discovered a family of raccoons living in your home without your knowledge?

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