Experts Fear That A New Malaria Bug Could Be Our Next Global Epidemic

Experts Fear That A New Malaria Bug Could Be Our Next Global Epidemic

With all the talk about the Zika virus during the past couple of years it is likely that many have forgotten about the host of other devastating diseases that many species of mosquito can spread to humans. With the current exception of Zika, malaria is the most well known of all mosquito-borne diseases. Unfortunately, researchers from countries all over the world are fearing another global malaria outbreak.

A well regarded scientific journal, The Lancet Infectious Diseases, has recently featured a report telling about a drug resistant superbug that causes the most dangerous type of malaria. And to make news a bit worse, not even the most powerful anti-malaria drugs can stop the spread of the super-disease. A parasite known as P. falciparum is the superbug that currently refuses to die, and the parasite is only building more resistance to antibiotics by the day.

Despite the fact that most cases of malaria occur in regions of Asia and Africa, experts are not dismissing the idea of a global epidemic caused by mass resistance to antimalaria medication. According to the co-author of the study that uncovered these findings, Dr. Nicholas White, it is currently of tremendous importance that scientists and public health officials work together to prevent other anti-malarial medicine from becoming resistant to this new and particularly devastating parasitic disease.

The experts that conducted the study noted that the parasites that were infecting the bodies of malaria victims were not your typical malaria causing parasites. For example, a dangerous mutant parasite was observed replacing an existing parasite. The mutant parasite is far more resistant  to antimalarial drugs.

Since it has already been demonstrated that malaria can travel from continent to continent, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are giving careful thought to whether or not the parasite can make its way to North America. Researchers from all parts of the world are facilitating efforts with the World Health Organization to prevent the spread of of this superbug.

Have you ever met, or even heard of an American contracting malaria? Do you believe that there exists sound reason to be concerned about a superbug making its way to America?



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