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Archive for April 2017

Will Bug-Eating Ever Be A Part Of American Culture?

Although most Americans are still grossed out by eating bugs, many Americans are starting to realize that eating bugs is good for you health. It seems like cricket powder is available at every local grocery store these days. So the days of regarding bugs as inedible vomit-inducing food on shows like Fear Factor are now…

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Squirrel Week Used To Mean Something Much Different

Squirrel week is meant to celebrate everything about squirrels and everything squirrel related. Squirrel day is the one day of the year when we certainly refrain from harming squirrels. Most people, of course, are not even aware that a “squirrel day” really exists, but I am sure that not many of you would enjoy killing…

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Some Spiders Eat Bats, And Other Interesting Facts

Spiders are as fascinating as they are terrifying, and their behavior can often times appear unusual to the layman viewer. For one thing, spiders vary tremendously when it comes to diet. Some spiders prefer to scavenge, whereas others prefer to eat seeds and plants. Some larger sized spiders can even wolf-down some rodents. One type…

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Driver Ants May Be Worse To Have Around Than Fire Ants

Driver Ants May Be Worse To Have Around Than Fire Ants We are all familiar with fire ants and their extremely painful, and sometimes deadly, bites. The fire-ant populations have been exploding in the warmer regions of the United States, which has some experts concerned. However, there does exist certain types of ants that are…

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Raccoons Could Be Helping Researchers Cure Cancer

We all love raccoons. In fact, I don’t think that I have ever heard anybody say that they don’t like raccoons, and I doubt if I ever will. Raccoons are cute, they seem lovable, and now they are helping researchers uncover some of the mysterious about cancer. It has been known for quite some time…

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Can Spiders Be Mailed In An Envelope?

You may wonder why anyone would ever want to mail a spider through the male in an envelope. But there is actually a very good reason for doing such a thing. Let’s say that you found a spider somewhere outside or within your home, and you don’t know what type of spider it is, but…

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