Are Raccoons Commonly Consumed As Food By Humans? | Wildlife Control

Are Raccoons Commonly Consumed As Food By Humans? | Wildlife Control

Raccoons may serve, as the cutest forms of wildlife, so it would be a shame if raccoons were captured, killed, cooked, and then eaten by humans. Perhaps eating raccoons would become a necessary last resort if a person or a group of people was stranded outdoors for a period of time with no other food options available. Despite, not hearing much about raccoon consumption, you have to wonder if there are any groups of people today that hunt raccoons for the sole purpose of eating them.

Sadly, there are many different people in America today that do hunt raccoons in order to eat them. Raccoons happen to be a particularly attractive food-option in the American Midwest. There are, unfortunately, people who seem to make a pretty good living capturing and selling raccoons to other people that plan on eating them. For example, one man in Illinois has no problem admitting that he made twenty five hundred dollars selling raccoons to fifty different people in just ten weeks. And these buyers do not plan on keeping these doomed raccoons as pets. This raccoon dealer admits that he had to overcome certain inhibitions before he could capture and sell raccoons as food. This man also says that raccoons can be very tasty provided they are prepared properly.

These raccoon-eaters often barbecue their recently purchased raccoons, while others use raccoon meat to make stew. Despite the enthusiasm many American raccoon-eaters have for the taste of barbecued raccoon meat, it was actually certain Native-American tribes that first demonstrated their culinary talents for raccoon preparation. In fact it is surprisingly legal to capture and serve raccoon meat to people in restaurants. One particularly tasteless restaurant owner even serves up raccoon meat on a plate that has a yellow line painted down the middle of the plate indicating that the meat being consumed is road kill—how charming!

Have you ever tasted raccoon? If you have, then under what circumstances did you find yourself eating a raccoon?











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