Typical Physical Reactions To Some Of The World’s Most Fearsome Creepy-Crawlies

Have you ever found scorpions or centipedes within the confines of your home? If you have, then you probably became a little creeped out to say the least. Then again, it must be remembered that these ugly creatures consume many other undesirable bugs in your home. Although having scorpions or centipedes around your house does have its benefits, you should still be cautious around these bugs because their bites or stings can be tremendously painful. In some cases, these bugs can even cause major health issues.

Scorpions have eight legs, pincers like a lobster and a stinger that curves upward. There are many different species of scorpion, but the most poisonous scorpion that you need to look out for is the nearly transparent and small bark scorpion. Scorpions don’t bite; obviously they sting their victims. The stings are rarely fatal, unless of course, the stinging victim has a severe allergic reaction to scorpion stings. Furthermore, nocturnal scorpions can be located throughout your yard by using ultraviolet light. A quickly prepared black light works just as well. If you ever see scorpions glow in the dark from nearby UV light then you will probably develop an appreciation for them.

The sensations that you could possibly experience if you do happen to be stung by a scorpion won’t go beyond the feeling of numbness and tingling around the site of the sting.

Centipedes are arthropods, which includes spiders and insects. Although nobody likes seeing the particularly ugly centipede at least the centipede does not do damage to your belongings. Centipedes have no interest in feeding off of your furniture, or any other household item. Actually centipedes are beneficial members of the ecosystem. Centipedes can rid houses of spiders, termites and roaches. If you have a centipede in your home it is most likely in a damp place, such as below your sink. I hope not though.

Where in your house have you found an insect?

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