Are There Big, And Dangerous Bugs In The Midwestern United States?

Are There Big, And Dangerous Bugs In The Midwestern United States?

We all probably have a vague idea as to where some of the creepiest spiders in America prefer to dwell. For example, many people, and rightfully so, associate the desert with large tarantulas, but you would never see a tarantula in the Midwest. Or how about the scary looking, and possibly dangerous spiders that are lurking about within the tropical climate of Florida, and other southeastern states? With the exception of the occasional wolf spider, very few Midwesterners ever encounter a large, or dangerous spider.

Many of the spiders that are found within the Midwestern states are not dangerous, but many of them are certainly large. For example, in the Midwestern city of Chicago, which is the third most populous city in the United States, spiders can grow to be quite large. These large spiders can be found within the city and in the rural countryside. The spiders that you may find in the city of Chicago can grow to be as large as an adult hand. Luckily, you probably won’t be finding these eight-legged monsters in your home.

The orb-weaver and the dark-fishing spider are the two biggest spiders that can be found within the Chicago city limits. According to spider experts, if you live in a big city within the Midwest then you will likely never see these spiders in your apartment or your home. However, if you are staying in a cabin in Wisconsin, the chances of encountering one of these behemoths is actually quite high.

The orb-weaver spider never builds webs within people’s homes, but they are known to build webs within barns, or other locations without much human traffic. And dark-fishing spiders don’t fish. Instead these spiders lurk within trees in order to ambush prey.

Illinois is home to about 800 different spider species, whereas the United States has 3,000 species of spider altogether. In Chicago, spiders will climb to the top of skyscrapers, and there are probably smaller spiders in just about every dwelling.

Have you ever spotted a large and menacing looking spider while being in the Midwestern United States?

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