What Are Those Small Green Creatures In My Pantry?

What Are Those Small Green Creatures In My Pantry?

The thought of finding live organisms rooting around in your pantry is not a pleasant thought, but for many people, the presence of bug-like creatures dwelling within kitchens is a day-to-day reality. These creatures are unofficially referred to as grain beetles. These beetles look like reddish brown alfalfa seeds. In addition to crawling within cupboards and on top of countertops, these beetles can also fly around your kitchen, as well as other rooms within a home. Surprisingly, these beetles are quite common.

Most of the time people experiencing a grain beetle infestation don’t think much of their presence at first, but after a short time, these beetles will multiply to the point where they pose a problem. When first taking notice of grain beetles within a home, homeowners will just assume that they flew in from the outside environment while a door was left open. Eventually, grain beetle populations will grow within a kitchen area, or other areas in a home where food is stored.

Towards the beginning of an infestation, a few grain beetles can be spotted in various areas around the kitchen, but after a while these beetles will begin to appear in just about every location within a kitchen, even the ceiling. Once these beetles begin to fly around a homeowner’s food products, exterminators are typically called in to address the problem.

There are two types of grain beetles. The grain beetles that are able to fly are known as merchant grain beetles, and the ones that are unable to fly are referred to as saw-toothed grain beetles. Both types of grain beetles are attracted to flour, rice and cereal. If you find yourself with a grain beetle infestation you will want to get rid of all the flour and rice products that you may be storing within your cupboards. In addition to that, you will want to discard any old food items that you do not plan on consuming. If you follow these guidelines, then there is a good chance that your home will become free of all grain beetles.

Have you ever encountered grain beetles within your home? If you have, then how did you get rid of them?





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