You May Have Seen Garden Centipedes In Your House Before

You May Have Seen Garden Centipedes In Your House BeforePest Control Killeen

Centipedes are awful looking creatures. I cannot imagine anybody wanting to hold a centipede. Some people like to handle insects, like grasshoppers and dragonflies. Some people have pet spiders, but centipedes are universally hated. You have certainly encountered a centipede skittering across the floor in your home at some point. Centipedes often move at high speeds, so squashing them can be a challenge, and messy if you succeed. One of the most common types of centipede in America is the garden centipede. These centipedes obviously prefer to hang out in gardens located in people’s back yards, and sometimes these miniature monsters will find their way into your home.

Garden centipedes can grow up to two inches in length, but their long and hair-like legs will make you think that they are larger. They are almost always reddish brown in color. Garden centipedes have many legs, but the number of legs they possess depends on their age. Adult garden centipedes have thirty legs in total, or fifteen pairs of legs.

If you think that the garden centipedes greatest strength is being ugly, then guess again, as garden centipedes possess two venom-claws located directly behind their heads. These claws are used for the clear purpose of attacking their prey. These centipedes eat other insects, spiders and small animals. Its venom paralyzes its prey while the centipede slowly enjoys its meal.

If you have seen these centipedes crawling around before, then you probably took notice of the two extra-long legs protruding from one end of its body. These long legs are used to snatch and hold prey while the centipede eats its prey. They live in fields, wooded areas, and gardens, or in any environment that is sufficiently moist. Without moisture, these centipedes will die. This is why people often spot them in basements and then never venture into their basements again.

Have you ever spotted a garden centipede in your home or garden? If you have, did you let it live, or attempt to kill it?



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