Are You Dreaming About Insects?

Are You Dreaming About Insects?

Have you ever had a dream featuring creepy crawlies? Did you wonder what the heck your brain was trying to tell you by stuffing insects into your head, a place they clearly should not be? Well, lucky for you, I happen to have researched why we sometimes have dreams about insects, and what different insects can represent in your dreams. It’s time to take hold of those insects and get some control over them rather than let them have control over you.

Dreams are strange things. They are forced on us by our mind while we sleep and often resemble some crazy drug-fueled hallucination more then our real lives. And according to experts, they are supposed to represent something our minds are trying to deal with unconsciously. So, what do insects in your dreams have to do with your everyday life?

First of all, dreaming about bugs is not uncommon. The question is what they mean to you. Bugs in our dreams can often be linked with negative feelings or thoughts, especially when we dream about them in large numbers. These negative feelings such as anxiety or guilt are metaphorically crawling through your unconscious mind. You might want to think of what you could possibly be pushing away or avoid facing. It could be an old bad habit or experience that is trying to worm its way into your mind, which can often result in them having a negative influence on the way you think and act when you are awake. Bugs often represent something that is pestering you that your conscious mind is trying to sweep under the rug.

Insects can also represent some fundamental instinctual part of yourself that you are ignoring or not utilizing when you should. You are being too rational and not letting your instincts have enough say. Dreaming about a bunch of insects could be your brain’s way of telling you to change how you approach life and the challenges in it. Instead of overthinking things, you need to try and notice how you feel about something, what your instincts tell you about something.

Have you dreamt about insects lately? What do you think they symbolize in your dreams?

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