Do You Live In A Region That Is Heavily Populated With Termites?

Americans have been falling victim to termite infestations ever since the colonial era. Nobody wants to see their property succumb to termite damage, so it is important to have your home regularly inspected by pest control professionals. Termites will continue to cost homeowners large sums of money in damage. Much of this damage could be prevented, but most homeowners fail to have their homes and surrounding property inspected for termites as often as experts recommend.

The existence of termites has been reluctantly accepted as an unfortunate fact of life for American homeowners. Most homeowners believe that there is only a small chance that their homes will become infested with termites, so many homeowners feel safe skimping on termite inspections. Of course, any pest control professional will tell you that failing to have your home properly inspected for termites at the recommended frequency is a bad idea. Not to mention those homeowners who have experienced termite infestations. These homeowners most certainly regret not having their homes inspected regularly. Of course, termite damage in America varies greatly by region. If you live in colder climates, for example, the recommended number of annual home termite inspections will not be as high as they are in warmer climates that are more hospitable to termites. So which regions of America see the greatest amount of termite damage? Do you live in a high-risk region?

People who reside in the southeastern region of the US are at the highest risk of experiencing termite damage to their homes or surrounding property. This is likely due to the existence of multiple termite species thriving in this region. The state of California is an exception on the west coast, as California is equal to the southeastern region of the US when it comes to annual economic costs of termite damage. Although living in Hawaii may seem like a tropical paradise, the staggeringly high degree of annual termite damage to people’s property on these islands is worth considering before becoming an official islander.

This is not to say that dryer and more arid regions of the US are unlikely to see termite-related damage to people’s property. Termite infestations are still very common in every region of the US. These high-risk regions range from Arizona, to the midwest and up to Maine. The only regions of the US that are relatively safe from termite infestations are areas that closely border Canada. If you really want to avoid termites, then moving to beautiful Alaska may be your only choice.

Do you live in a region that is relatively unlikely to see home termite infestations? Has a neighbor of yours ever experienced an infestation of termites? Do you have regular termite inspections conducted on your property?

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