Summer Rain Brings Out Pests

summer rain brings out pests gga pest management

Throughout Central Texas, a much-needed summer rainfall means temporary relief from the hot Texas temperatures. However, summer rain brings out pests as well. Pests that thrive and also pests that hide! So, why do some insects, rodents, and animals view rainy days as an opportunity, while others seek shelter? We’ve got a few answers.

Summer Rain Brings Out Pests like Mosquitoes

There are a few reasons that you see an uptick of specific insects and/or rodents during a rainstorm. Pests like mosquitoes are actually able to survive airborne, unsheltered in the rain. It mainly has to do with their small size! Because of this, mosquitoes are less likely to be hit by raindrops, which allows them to continue flying. Unlike other insects and/or rodents that take shelter during rainstorms, they are able to go out and feed without fear — of the elements, and of other competition.

summer rain brings out pests mosquitoes

Other insects are also drawn to the moisture and standing water that comes with the rain. Termites and mosquitoes especially thrive in the humid and moist environments produced after a storm. Insects such as subterranean termites (underground) and ants are known to become very active once the heavy rain starts to flood the tunnels in which they live.

Whether it’s due to the enticing weather conditions or to seek shelter, you can be sure when the rain starts, some of these insects will become more active.

Insects Seeking Shelter Within Your Walls

On the other side of the spectrum, most pests will actually be looking for shelter during the storm. This causes some issues, as heavy rain can cause serious damage to their nests. This creates the opportunity for insects to start swarming and seeking another place in which to hide. The most notorious target being YOUR property.

ants during rain gga pest management

Is there rain in your forecast? Be prepared to avoid unwanted critters. Here is a list of a few insects, rodents, or wildlife that may be looking to enter your home during and/or after a rainstorm. 

  • Bees/Wasps

  • Roaches

  • Termites

  • Mice/Rats

  • Snakes

  • Ants

  • Squirrels

Prevent Unwanted Pests Next Time It Rains!

Here are some preventative steps that you can take to help better protect your home or business:

    1. Eliminate any standing water
    2. Keep the area clean and tidy
    3. Seal cracks and various holes in/around your property 
    4. Keep trashcan tightly secured
    5. Contact GGA Pest Management for a FREE estimate! 

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