Fall Pest Control Tips For The Holidays

fall pest control tips for the holiday-season gga pest management

Prevent your property from unwelcome guests this Thanksgiving! With the temperature dropping, we thought we’d share some of our favorite fall pest control tips.  While we are currently welcoming cooler weather after such a hot summer, pests view this seasonal change as a time to seek shelter. The ideal hideout for pests during the fall/winter is within warm spaces that have easy access to food and water sources. Unfortunately, your property becomes the perfect target as it fits most of their criteria.

fall pest control tips for the holidays gga pest management

Get Holiday Ready With Our Favorite Fall Pest Control Tips.

  • Trim hedges: Keep about five feet of clear space between the edges of your home and the nearest trees/plants.
  • Groom the lawn: Also clear leaves, twigs/branches, and other debris to keep them from piling up, providing cover for pests.
  • Move firewood: Insects and rodents use firewood piles as shelter, returning repeatedly with food for their young. Store your firewood 15-20 feet away from your home if possible.
  • Seal up cracks: Check around your home for cracks and gaps. These will need to be thoroughly patched up with vents and other various techniques to keep pests from getting inside. Common areas include doors and windows. *GGA Technicians are trained to see and repair these various openings in and around your property. 
  • Clear gutters and drains: Proper drainage is vital. Check roof gutters and clear out leaves and debris. If your drainage system has any problems, the accumulated moisture could attract pests.
  • Keep food covered: Preferably in airtight containers, Pests that gets into your home are looking for food, so keeping them away from the source is crucial.
  • Organize clutter: Clean extremely cluttered areas of your property, including basements and garage.
  • Repair leaks: These are a common source of excess moisture. Check the pipes in your basement and under your plumbing fixtures for dripping, leaks, or condensation.
  • Dehumidify: Humid parts of your home attract pests looking for a comfortable environment.

thanksgiving fall pest control tips gga pest management

Happy Thanksgiving from GGA Pest Management!

Thankfully, these fall pest control tips coupled with our quarterly pest control visits are available to help protect your property all year long. Our experts at GGA Pest Management suggest following these tips and getting on a quarterly plan to ensure you are completing your fall & winter home maintenance efforts with ease. If you’d like to get an inspection of your property to ensure every space is checked for cracks, leaks (and more!) before your big holiday plans, call us at 254-666-3439 or fill out our contact form. 

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