Winter Rodent Control Tips For The Season

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With winter on its way, you may be rejoicing with the thought that cooler temperature means fewer insects. Partly true, however, colder weather in Texas doesn’t mean you won’t have any pests at all. There are many common house insects and rodents in winter, which will still need to be managed. These winter rodent control tips are more necessary than you would think and here’s why it is so important.

Keep Uninvited House Guests Out This Winter

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One species of pest you may not think too much about during the wintertime, are rodents. Rats, mice, squirrels, and other various rodents don’t die out in colder weather or fly south for the winter. In fact, these pests will more than likely make a nice little home hiding inside of yours. Things like water, food, nesting material, and warm places, all make up a convenient spot for rodents to settle down.

Of course, no one wants to have uninvited guests of the rodent variety in their home. However, if these pests have already made their way around your property, here are some winter rodent control tips from us to you!

Our Top 3 Winter Rodent Control Tips:

1. Keep Food Covered

Various food sources will always keep rodents coming back. We recommend always securely storing your food in sealed containers. This will help prevent rodents from gnawing their way through your entire pantry. Dry goods like cereal, flour, and rice should always be stored off the floor to keep rodents away. If you correctly prevent them from reaching their food supply, they might actually be happy spending Christmas somewhere else.

Lastly, make sure you are taking the time each night to thoroughly clean your kitchen. Mice, rats, and other rodents love foraging this area in search of left-out food or crumbs on plates and floors.

2. Maintain Your Trash

Trash — to us, it’s gross and stinky, but to rodents, it’s heaven. The trashcan in your kitchen, as well as the bin outside, are both food sources and breeding grounds for rodents and insects. It doesn’t matter whether it is inside or out; all trash needs to be sealed properly.

Also, taking the trash out of your home regularly is a must. The smell of trash is actually very enticing for rats, mice, raccoons, and other rodents. So. it’s important to keep the areas around your trash cans just as clean to avoid temptations.

3. Keep Your Home Tidy

It’s simple. If your house stays clean and tidy, rodents are less likely to make their home there as they feel more exposed. If there are no places for them to hide, they’re more than likely move on to the next house. So, vacuum and dust weekly and ensure you’re picking up any cutter.

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If you’re worried about pests this season, why not schedule a winter rodent control visit? We can thoroughly inspect your property and plan an appropriate course of action. With our knowledge and winter rodent control tips, you could be rodent-free for the holidays!

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