Pest Control is Important for Property Managers

property manager pest control

Tenants who rent have a right to quiet enjoyment of the property. Tenants who pay to live or work in your rental expect comfort and safety. Any events that prevent tenants from getting these benefits give them good reasons to leave the property. Or, even worse, it provides grounds to bring a lawsuit against you. This is why providing necessary amenities, such as pest control is important for property managers.

Some of the issues that might make it hard for a tenant to enjoy a property include:

  1. Anything that exposes the tenant to the threat of bodily harm or poses a risk of physical illness
  2. Unpleasant noises or foul odors
  3. Damaged belongings 
  4. And anything that serves as a source of emotional stress for the tenant

Why Pest Control Is Important For Property Managers

If these conditions exist in a rental, tenants find it hard to remain in the home. All of these issues are present when you have pests in a rental property. Pests of whatever kind – insects or rodents – will diminish the attractiveness of your rental property to current and future renters because pests cause a long list of problems for tenants.

  • Pests will consume more than their body weight in food. They usually find this food by breaking into homes, often wasting the food in the process because it will have to be thrown away.
  • In their search for nesting material, pests will damage wooden structures, wiring, clothes, books, and other personal belongings. Over time, this damage can be pretty extensive. 
  • By contaminating food with feces, urine, saliva, and pathogens, pests expose humans to the risk of food poisoning. Some pests carry dangerous diseases that can be transmitted to humans.
  • Bed bugs and mites live on human blood. Their bites are painful and unhealthy. Many tenants are frightened or disgusted by the sight of roaches, mice, or bed bugs.

In short, neither you nor your tenants benefit in any way when there are pests in a rental property.

family pest Control is Important for Property Managers

How to deal with pests in a managed property

The best method is to hire a pest control professional to provide preventative pest extermination on the property. Keeping pests out is easier than removing them once they have established themselves in the building. The team at GGA Pest Management knows how to pinpoint conditions that make it susceptible to pest invasion and will proactively keep the property protected by addressing these year-round.

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