Safer Flea Control for Pets & Owners

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Did you know? Thousands of pet deaths are actually caused by popular brands of flea collars each year? Pet owners have started seeking safer flea control solutions to protect their pets against painful flea bites and keep flea infestations out of their homes. The Texas flea season is among us. which makes finding an effective and safer flea control solution so important.

Flea Infestations

Because of their small size and their ability to reproduce so quickly, flea infestations can be extremely difficult to get rid of. However, GGA Pest Management’s pest experts specialize in effective flea and tick control solutions. Our team will always keep your pets and family’s safety in mind, every time we enter your property.

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Homeowner’s tips to prevent fleas from spreading

Prevention and effective treatment is key to safer flea control and to avoiding flea infestations. It’s important to follow all of these tips for the most effective results. If not, there could be untreated areas around your home where fleas will continue to spread.

  • Vacuum all carpeted areas
  • Wash pet beds, sheets & blankets
  • Talk to your vet about safe flea medications
  • Lower temperatures inside your home
  • Schedule a free inspection to get flea control treatments for your house and yard

Flea tip! Avoid fleas from hitchhiking into your home. 

Did you know? The grassy outdoor areas where you take your pet on walks everyday, can actually harbor fleas. Before heading back inside, it’s best do a quick check over your pet for fleas to avoid infestations.

Safer Flea Control Starts With GGA

When in doubt, it’s always best to contact a professional pest control provider. GGA Pest Management has 100 years combined experience providing effective and guaranteed flea control and pest solutions for commercial and residential customers. Call us at 254-666-3429 or contact us online to schedule a free inspection.

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