What is residential pest exclusion?

residential pest exclusion home seal pest control

Residential pest exclusion and home seal are preventative services for pest control that involve no chemical use. This process focuses on locating exterior and interior holes, cracks, and other openings within a residential or commercial structure and sealing them to prevent infestations. The goal of pest exclusion is to reduce the chance of rodents and pests from ever entering the property in the first place.

How The Pest Exclusion Process Works

The first step in pest-proofing your property begins with a detailed pest inspection of your home or business.

Our team of professional pest control technicians will be looking for cracks, holes, tears, and any other possible exterior and interior entry points or nesting spots. While inside your property, we will also pinpoint areas where rodents and other pests may be accessing food. This is one of the main motivators for pests to get inside in the first place and identifying these areas is one of the first steps in keeping pests out.

A few things we are looking for during our inspections:

  • Holes & cracks in the foundation, walls, roof & more
  • Tears in window screens, gaps around window frames
  • Cracks or crevices under door frames or garages
  • Broken or missing vent covers

Once we inspect the property for possible pest entry, we reduce any infestations if necessary, and then begin sealing any gaps or tears around the property. This process will prevent pests from entering inside, which can become bigger and more expensive issues down the road.

Benefits of Residential Pest Exclusion

home seal pest control

When it comes to effective pest control, prevention is the best defense against unwanted critters. Even if you think your home or business is protected, there may be dozens of areas around your property that pests can still enter and nest. By the time you begin to notice bugs and rodents inside, more than likely they have been nesting there for weeks and even months. Pest prevention services such as residential pest exclusion keep you and your family, and even your property safe from rodents and other insects.

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