Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Inside Your Home

get rid of mosquitoes in your home with these tips gga pest management texas pest control

Mosquitoes are mostly found in areas with high humidity (Texas!) and survive by sucking the blood from humans and animals. Their bites are not only painful and irritating but they can also be dangerous. Through biting, they can transmit some serious diseases like malaria. So, we understand the last place you want to find mosquitoes is in your home. On top of our year-round mosquito control treatment plan, we also recommend these simple tips to help get rid of mosquitoes in your home.

Get Rid Of Mosquitoes With These 4 Tips


It’s important to prevent water from accumulating. Keep dishes clean and empty the sink of any standing water. Ensure your pet’s water bowls are fresh by changing out daily.


get rid of mosquitos clean dishes


Doors & Windows

You should keep doors and windows closed to prevent mosquito entry. If opened, ensure they are securely covered or sealed with a protective screen. Any holes or tears in the screens should also be repaired. Caulk can be used to seal any cracks or gaps that may be around the windows.


caulk windows and door mosquito control texas


Dish Soap or Camphor

Use their attraction to water to your advantage! Fill a bowl of water with dish soap to attract mosquitos and kill them. Using a tablet of camphor in a water bowl will drive them away. These are two good options for some temporary relief from bites!


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Mosquitos are actually very sensitive to certain smells. Lemon trees, citronella grass,  and tulsi are great at repelling them. Place or plant around windows and doors to deter them from entering your home. Essential oils are also another great option. Lavender, mint, and tea tree oils all keep mosquitos away.


Start Your Mosquito-Free Journey Today!

Don’t deal with pest infestations alone. Partner with the pros at GGA Pest Management to help get rid of mosquitoes from your home and yard.

It’s time to say goodbye to painful mosquito bites once and for all with a little help from GGA Pest Management. Schedule your free mosquito control inspection online or call us at 254-666-3439 to get started.

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