How do I Protect My Pet from Mosquitoes?

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Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance. They carry dangerous diseases, and for us humans, we can slather on mosquito repellent DEET, wear long sleeves, and avoid especially buggy situations. But for our four-legged companions, it’s not that easy. If you’re questioning, how can I protect my pet from mosquitoes?

The good news is that there are simple things you can do to protect your furry friends from the irritation and dangers mosquitoes present.

Ways To Protect My Pet From Mosquitoes: Pet-Friendly Repellents

Protect my pet from mosquitoes with pet-friendly repellents

Whether in your backyard or out on the trail, both you and your furry pals should be protected from mosquitoes. While you should never put your bug repellent on your pets, there are several pet-safe options available. Lemon-eucalyptus spray is an all-natural option safe for pets and humans, as are citrus, soybean, and geranium oils. Oils can be placed on collars (out of reach of curious tongues) and sometimes on fur; always talk to your veterinarian to ensure products are safe for your fur babies.

Make the Indoors a Safe Zone

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We typically think of mosquitoes outdoors, but they can find their way inside, too. Most pets spend the majority of their time indoors, particularly cats, bunnies, and ferrets. For this reason, it’s equally important to take preventative measures inside. Mosquitoes are sensitive to scent, so essential oils such as eucalyptus, lavender, and lemon are great at repelling mosquitoes. Place such oils out of pets’ reach near doorways and windows where mosquitoes might linger.

Be Proactive with Medication

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For dogs, the number one concern with mosquitoes is the transmission of heartworm. Heartworms can cause heart failure, lung disease, and organ damage. If left unchecked, heartworms can lead to death. While less common in other animals, cats, horses, and ferrets can also be susceptible to heartworms. Because of this, it’s best to give your pet high-quality preventative medication. Talk to your vet about the proper course of action and be sure to follow directions carefully.

Bring in a Pest Control Expert

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Probably the easiest and most complete way to protect your pets from mosquitoes is to protect your entire yard. Our pets spend the majority of their outdoor time close to home, so going the extra mile to keep mosquitoes away is well worth the trouble. Professional pest control companies offer an array of services that will protect your yard from troublesome insects including mosquitoes. Consider your pest control options and choose the best option for your home, environment, and family.

While many diseases carried by mosquitoes aren’t a major threat to pets, some are. West Nile, heartworms, and skin irritation are some of the more common reasons to be concerned. Whether you have a dog, cat, horse, or bunny, it’s important to take steps toward protecting your entire family from mosquito bites.

Alison is a world traveler, gardener, and writer from the Midwest. She loves to spend her time baking, reading, and playing with her pet bunny.


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