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Ant Control

Most Common Ant Invaders

Waco Ant Control, Temple Ant Control, Killeen Ant Control, Belton Ant Control Some of the most common home invaders include: Odorous House Ants: These ants get their name from the unpleasant odor they give off when crushed, often described as smelling like a rotten coconut. They typically nest in wall voids and crevices and prefer…

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Caterpillar Nectar May Control Ants Behavior

Caterpillar Nectar May Control Ants Behavior Humans are not the only animals on the planet that enjoy taking a load off with a beer, or a cigarette, or whatever you may enjoy. There are plenty of animals in nature that cannot seem to get enough of some type of substance. There have been plenty of…

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Researchers Gain A Fresh Look At An Ant’s Development | Ant Control

There are over sixteen thousand different species of ant on this planet. Of course, this number only includes those ants which science has documented. Despite their tiny heads, ants are smart relative to other insects, and their social behavior is surprisingly advanced. In fact, since ants make up such a big part of the insect…

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Driver Ants May Be Worse To Have Around Than Fire Ants

Driver Ants May Be Worse To Have Around Than Fire Ants We are all familiar with fire ants and their extremely painful, and sometimes deadly, bites. The fire-ant populations have been exploding in the warmer regions of the United States, which has some experts concerned. However, there does exist certain types of ants that are…

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False Widow Populations Are Growing in Ireland– Is That A Problem?

A school was recently closed on account of a false widow sighting. Experts are saying that false widow spider populations are increasing, but is this a reasonable thing to be concerned about? According to experts, false widow bites are venomous, but being bitten is rare as false widows do not typically behave aggressively towards humans.…

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Annihilate Those Ants

While ants aren’t dangerous in the sense that they don’t spread any deadly diseases, they can still be a big pain to deal with when you find you have an infestation of them in your yard or house. They seemingly come from nowhere, and can be very difficult to entirely get rid of. The biggest…

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Attack of the Clones

Longhorn crazy ants have been steadily spreading throughout the world, somehow outcompeting against other ant species despite the fact that their small populations should result in a lot of inbreeding, which should cause genetic defects and thus prevent this species from successfully spreading. However, scientists have observed that there are a lot of incestuous relationships…

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Queenless Ants Bite Off Their Mates Abdomen After Mating

Queenless Ants Bite Off Their Mates Abdomen After Mating Humans have some pretty weird sexual habits, but I’m pretty sure they don’t even come close to the mating habits of the queenless ants. The females of the species are pretty brutal to their mates, using them for sex and then enacting a pretty brutal method…

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Get out you pesky ants! | Waco Ant Control

Get out you pesky ants! How do I keep them away! They are more annoying than the majority of other insects and household pests. What are they? Ants. They make a feast on our leftovers during the summer months, invading our sugar bowls and anywhere else they can find a food source. Here are some…

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