Spooky Pests of Halloween

spooky pests of halloween pest control texas gga pest management

It’s normal during the fall season to see the various spooky pests of Halloween, such as bats, rats, and spiders in the form of holiday decor. However, during this time of year, you should also be looking for these real-life creepy crawlers. Below are just a few of the many pests you might see this…

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Do Fleas and Ticks Go Away in Fall & Winter?

Do fleas and ticks go away in colder weather

Most people believe that fleas and ticks tend to completely die out during the fall and winter months. However, if you’re someone who enjoys spending a lot of time outdoors or is a pet owner, it’s important to have protection against these blood-sucking pests all year long. What Happens to Fleas and Ticks During fall…

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Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Inside Your Home

get rid of mosquitoes in your home with these tips gga pest management texas pest control

Mosquitoes are mostly found in areas with high humidity (Texas!) and survive by sucking the blood from humans and animals. Their bites are not only painful and irritating but they can also be dangerous. Through biting, they can transmit some serious diseases like malaria. So, we understand the last place you want to find mosquitoes…

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Spring Pests Prevention Guide

spring cleaning spring pests pest control

Spring is finally upon us! It’s time to put those winter coats away and get ready for warmer weather. Along with the sun, large pest populations are also about to make their debut appearance. With warmer weather also comes many different types of pests re-emerging to invade your property once again. A few common spring…

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Termite Damage Will Cost You!

termite damage will cost you gga pest management texas pest control termite control

As spring draws near in Texas, so does termite season. The abundant rain and humidity of a Central Texas spring create the perfect moist conditions for these invasive pests. Don’t get caught thinking that your home insurance policy will protect you, because you may not be as protected as you think. Did you know that…

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What is residential pest exclusion?

residential pest exclusion home seal pest control

Residential pest exclusion and home seal are preventative services for pest control that involve no chemical use. This process focuses on locating exterior and interior holes, cracks, and other openings within a residential or commercial structure and sealing them to prevent infestations. The goal of pest exclusion is to reduce the chance of rodents and…

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