Safer Flea Control for Pets & Owners

safer flea control for pets pest control gga pest management

Did you know? Thousands of pet deaths are actually caused by popular brands of flea collars each year? Pet owners have started seeking safer flea control solutions to protect their pets against painful flea bites and keep flea infestations out of their homes. The Texas flea season is among us. which makes finding an effective…

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What Do Mice Eat?

what do mice eat in your home or business gga pest management

Mice eat various foods and crumbs found around your home or business. These sneaky rodents will search around your property for any easy supply of food available to support their nests. Mice are also fond of warm spaces like attics, wall cracks, and kitchens. So, if these areas of your property also provide them easy…

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Local Pest Control Company Gives Back

local pest control company gives back waco texas copy

GGA Pest Management has been locally owned for over three decades. We’re also a pest control company that cares deeply for the communities in which we work and live. With our expertise in providing healthier living environments, we wanted to assist the Waco Habitat for Humanity towards accomplishing their mission. Which is helping families build…

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Pest Control is Important for Property Managers

property manager pest control

Tenants who rent have a right to quiet enjoyment of the property. Tenants who pay to live or work in your rental expect comfort and safety. Any events that prevent tenants from getting these benefits give them good reasons to leave the property. Or, even worse, it provides grounds to bring a lawsuit against you.…

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Get Rid Of Ants In Your Home


Get Rid Of Ants In Your Home Once & For All Ants will appear in a person’s home for a number of reasons. The search for food is usually the largest reason for an ant infestation. It’s not that they want to bother you or cause distress, just like us, ant colonies need to eat…

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Common Signs of a Termite Infestation

signs of a termite infestation in your home

There are many factors that contribute to the activity of termites, such as warmer temperatures with high moisture levels. Many areas of Texas will start seeing termite swarmers or “termites with wings” starting early Spring. Keep in mind, when they’re not swarming, termites are very good at keeping out of sight. Most times people are…

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