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Killeen Animal Control

Your Tiny Houseguests: A Primer

Your Tiny Houseguests:  A Primer We do not live in sterile environments, despite advances in technology.  Our urban ecosystems include a whole host of not-so-exotic creatures that share our space.  Rodents, insects, spiders and microscopic entities share our couches, our kitchens and our bedrooms.  Many of them live because we are their best food source.…

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Tips To Keep Wildlife in the Wild, Not in Your Home

structure th at lead to dark secluded areas, like attics and belfries. Screen attic vents and openings to chimneys. Install door sweeps. Repair any loose siding or shingles. Store trashcans and recycling bins indoors, or in sealed areas such as a locked shed or outhouse. If trashcans are kept outdoors, use animal-proof lids. Bring pet…

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