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There Are Even More Ways You Can Catch the Zika Virus

Most people know that they can catch the Zika virus through the bite of a mosquito. It is also pretty well known now that you can catch the disease through sexual intercourse. But, it turns out that there is yet another way you can catch this virus that involves neither of these scenarios. A recent…

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Plants Proven to Repel Mosquitos

With the Zika virus having entered the U.S. it is more important than ever to wear your insect repellent. And to aid in this effort towns are also doing mass spraying of pesticides throughout neighborhoods. But, did you know that you can help ward away those mosquitos in your own garden. There are a number…

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Fruit Flies Force Their Young To Drink Booze

Researchers from Emory University have recently published a study describing how adult fruit flies protect their larvae from parasitic wasps. A mother fruit fly will protect her larvae from predators by…well…forcing alcohol onto them. Despite the fruit flies liking of fermented fruit, the mothers are not trying to share the joys of alcohol intoxication with…

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Experts Discover That Zika May Be Transmitted Through Bodily Fluids

Until recently experts were under the impression that Zika could only be transmitted through sexual activity, blood transfusions, bites from the Zika carrying mosquito, and an infected mother can pass the disease to her unborn child. However, a recent case coming from Utah suggests that the virus can be spread by other means, such as…

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Overnight Bites That Are Not From Bed Bugs

When you wake up in the morning to find bug bites on you, most of us are inclined to freak out and believe our homes have been infested by bed bugs. I know I’ve done that numerous times, and later found that I didn’t have bed bugs at all. There are many other insects that…

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What If We Just Killed All Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are the most dangerous creatures on the earth. They kill hundreds of thousands of people each year, which is more than any other animal on the planet, although I am sure that they are rivaled by humans. With the advent of Zika, there are many people shrugging and asking about what would happen if…

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Common American Mosquito Species Found to Also Carry the Zika Virus

Up till recently the only mosquitos known to be capable of transmitting the Zika virus were species that prefer warmer, tropical climates. However, scientists just discovered that a much more prevalent mosquito species in the U.S. called Culex tarsalis mosquitos, which frequently inhabit climates in colder parts of the country such as Northern California and…

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Woman Kills Record 4 Million Mosquitos

For those who are constantly bothered by these blood-suckers, the thought of being able to kill millions of them must sound like s dream come true. Well, one woman actually did it for a contest held n Taiwan. Huang Yuyen, a pig farmer from Taiwan, was able to kill over 4 million mosquitos in just…

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Malaria Makes You Smell Delicious to Mosquitos

You’d think it would be bad enough just catching malaria. It’s a pretty unpleasant and dangerous disease to catch, but apparently, it also makes mosquitos even more attracted to you. Scientists already knew that factors like sweat, breath odor, and high body temperature could affect how much a person attracts mosquitos, but a new study…

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New Mosquito Species Hitched a Ride to the U.S.

A mosquito species native to Australia has recently been found in urban California. The Aedes notoscriptus is yet another mosquito species that gets its kicks out of feeding on and spreading horrible diseases to humans. The species is well known in Australia, and has adapted to live in very small water sources such as birdbaths…

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