Female Velvet Spiders Let Their Nieces and Nephews Eat Them

I’ve heard of mothers that eat their own children, as well as ones that let their children eat them, but I’ve never come across an aunt that is also willing to be consumed by her sibling’s kids. The African velvet spider is one of the few social spider species, living in large communal nests that…

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How Spiders And Insects Cause Vehicle Accidents

How Spiders And Insects Cause Vehicle Accidents Have you ever freaked out over the presence of a spider or insect while driving your car? If you have, then hopefully your fear did not result in a crash. It may not be hard to believe that spiders and insects can cause drivers to lose control of…

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A Women Suffered Physical Trauma After Sustaining A Black Widow Bite

Well for spiders being so harmless, they sure are in the news a lot for their debilitating bites. The bite-victims name, in this case, is Michelle Marriott. The mother was fifty two years old at the time of her bite. Marriott said that she had sustained the bite while hanging baskets in her garden. The…

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