Do You Live In A Region That Is Heavily Populated With Termites?

Americans have been falling victim to termite infestations ever since the colonial era. Nobody wants to see their property succumb to termite damage, so it is important to have your home regularly inspected by pest control professionals. Termites will continue to cost homeowners large sums of money in damage. Much of this damage could be…

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The US Is Home To More Invasive Termites Than You Think

The US Is Home To More Invasive Termites Than You Think Invasive insects cause a variety of different problems that affect just about everybody. For example, invasive insects can be damaging to small decorative gardens, which must be annoying for avid gardeners. And, invasive insects can damage or destroy large-scale crops. This makes invasive insects…

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Some Termites Become Suicide Bombers

Just when you thought that you knew everything about termites, it turns out that they can literally blow themselves up. That does not sound possible, but a group of researchers traveling through French Guiana have discovered this bizarre termite-ability first hand. After a scientist spotted a nest of termites, many of which had blue spots…

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The Drywood Termite! | Termite Control

The world is full of termites. In fact, there are over two thousand different termite species in existence right now and having termites can get pricey as they cause billions of dollars in damages every year. Termites are social insects that evolved from cockroaches, and this occurred before dinosaurs even existed. Termites can be boring…

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Hybrid termites

Hybrid termites It’s not science fiction, it is actually happening. Two of the most invasive species of termites have decided to mate creating a new termite hybrid. This version of the termite is considered to be a “super” pest because they have the ability to reproduce even faster than either species of termites who were…

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