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Pest Prevention Tips From GGA Pest Management

Seal cracks and crevices: Seal all visible cracks and crevices to keep stingers from moving indoors, and regularly inspect around the house’s perimeter for nests. Keep food covered: During a picnic or cookout, cover all food when outside and be sure to keep tight fitting lids on trash bins. Drink out of clear containers: Stinging insects can…

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The Americas May Be Confronted With A New Insect-Borne Disease

The Americas May Be Confronted With A New Insect-Borne Disease Brazil has had enough problems with insect-borne diseases. Last year Zika ravaged their population. A record number of newborns were born with microcephaly as a result of the widespread sexually transmitable virus. It must be remembered that when Brazil is at risk for disease outbreaks,…

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The West Nile Virus Has Caused The First Death Of 2017

The West Nile Virus Has Caused The First Death Of 2017 North Dakota’s State Health Department has confirmed the first death this year caused by the West Nile virus. The victim was a sixty year old woman who also struggled with other medical issues. Sadly, the woman died while hospitalized. Most people infected with West…

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Are Insects Larger In The Tropics?

Are Insects Larger In The Tropics? If you had to guess where the world’s largest insects thrive, then you would probably find yourself imagining exotic locations with very little human activity, such as tropical jungles. Perhaps some would guess that Australia is home to the largest insects, while others would insist that South America contains…

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If You Like Tequila Then You Should Also Like Bats

Bats are unpleasant creatures, but there are many people that find these creatures fascinating nonetheless. However, if you are one of those people who cannot learn to appreciate the existence of bats, then ask yourself if you drink and/or enjoy the popular Mexican beverage known as Tequila. If you do enjoy tequila then you owe…

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The Spider That Lives In A Bubble

The diving bell spider lives a seemingly difficult, and probably frustrating life. This type of spider is the only spider to call the water its habitat. However, this spider does not have gills, so it is forced to build small submersibles that allow for underwater travel. Nature has endowed the diving bell spider with the…

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The WHO Increases Warning to Pregnant Women

The WHO Increases Warning to Pregnant Women The Zika virus is continuing to spread, and things aren’t looking too good right now for people all over the world. In reaction to the increased cases of the Zika virus as well as cases of microcephaly as well as other birth disorders, the WHO released another statement…

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The “Society” of Ancient Ants

The “Society” of Ancient Ants If you’ve ever seen an ant farm or even observed a bee’s nest (from a safe distance, we hope!) you know that insects seem to have strong organizational skills. Duties are assigned and each insect seems to know its place. This observation has recently been scientifically proven by researches studying…

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99 Million Year Old Beetle

99 Million Year Old Beetle 100 million years ago, a tiny beetle flew into a coniferous tree and was overcome in its resin. The resin fossilized into amber and encased the beetle. Machael Caterino, director of the Clemson University Arthropod Collection, said, “This is an extraordinary 99 million-year-old fossil in Burmese amber. We can see…

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