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Waco Ant Control

Annihilate Those Ants

While ants aren’t dangerous in the sense that they don’t spread any deadly diseases, they can still be a big pain to deal with when you find you have an infestation of them in your yard or house. They seemingly come from nowhere, and can be very difficult to entirely get rid of. The biggest…

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Attack of the Clones

Longhorn crazy ants have been steadily spreading throughout the world, somehow outcompeting against other ant species despite the fact that their small populations should result in a lot of inbreeding, which should cause genetic defects and thus prevent this species from successfully spreading. However, scientists have observed that there are a lot of incestuous relationships…

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Queenless Ants Bite Off Their Mates Abdomen After Mating

Queenless Ants Bite Off Their Mates Abdomen After Mating Humans have some pretty weird sexual habits, but I’m pretty sure they don’t even come close to the mating habits of the queenless ants. The females of the species are pretty brutal to their mates, using them for sex and then enacting a pretty brutal method…

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Six New Ant Species Part of Famous Vampire Family

Six New Ant Species Part of Famous Vampire Family In the tropics a tiny ant, so small it’s barely perceptive to the naked eye, lives in the dark recesses of leaves and below ground. Although not found in Transylvania, the new species are part of the known “Dracula” family of ants. The Dracula ants to…

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Ants – a superorganism? | Waco Ant Control

Ants – a superorganism? Typically when we think of ants the last thing we want to think about is an entire colony coming in any given area at one time. But did you know that research has shown that ants when working together as an entire colony actually functions as one giant superorganism? It makes…

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Stop them in their tracks | Waco Ant Control

Stop them in their tracks How can we combat invasive ants? Researchers may have found the solution. Invasive ants can take over your home in no time. They are annoying and will leave you covered in bites once they feel you are attacking their new home. Scientists however have found a virus that can infect…

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Get out you pesky ants! | Waco Ant Control

Get out you pesky ants! How do I keep them away! They are more annoying than the majority of other insects and household pests. What are they? Ants. They make a feast on our leftovers during the summer months, invading our sugar bowls and anywhere else they can find a food source. Here are some…

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Ants – the original body builders

Ants – the original body builders Did you know ants actually have strength that would equal a 200lb man putting a truck with a hippo in it, on his back? Of course, this strength level is a bit off kilter. If a man were the size of an ant of course, his strength level would…

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Cicada Killer

Cicada Killer Molly Keck, an entomologist with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, has the scoop on a massive swamp that is showing up in Texas and other parts of the country. They’re one of the largest wasps that we have in Texas.” The cicada killer wasp can grow up to 2 inches long. The insect preys…

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Cleanliness is Next to Ant-liness

Cleanliness is Next to Ant-liness The next time those darn dirty ants invade your home or picnic, consider this. According to Alexander Hackmann, a zoologist who studies ants, “There are one billion insects per person in the world.” One reason for their success is that, “they’ve figured out how to cope with surface contamination.” In…

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