Backyard Beekeeper on a Quest

Backyard Beekeeper on a Quest As our suburbs grow, more wild spaces that used to the home of patches of wildflowers have turned into long stretches of green lawn.  No flowers means no food for bees. Ultimately, they lose habitat and that is one of the many stressors they face these days. A backyard beekeeper…

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Tragic Death by Bee Sting in Texas

Tragic Death by Bee Sting in Texas As often occurs with freak accidents, this incident really could have happened to anyone. The bees were living inside a pipe, eighteen inches in diameter, and the gigantic hive was completely hidden from view. The man on the tractor could not have known what was nesting there when…

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Bees Kill More Workers | Waco Bee Control

Bees Kill More Workers Bees are a crucial part of our ecological system, and yet are more dangerous to workers than the more commonly feared creatures like spiders.  A recent report from the U.S. Department of Labor indicates that fatalities due to bee encounters far outnumber any other biting insect or arachnid.  Although bees are…

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