Christmas Tree Critters | Waco Exterminator

Christmas Tree Critters What would Christmas be without a Christmas tree? You can’t possibly celebrate this holiday without going through the ritual of stringing lights around your tree and hanging decorative bulbs and perhaps some popcorn. But resting at the very center of this happy holiday tradition are thousands of insect. Researchers have found that…

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Fruit Flies Reveal How Insect Resistance Evolves

Fruit Flies Reveal How Insect Resistance Evolves New research that explores how the gene for resistance to DDT functions in fruit flies has implications for pesticide development. The investigation centers on a type of “sexually antagonistic” gene that increases female resistance but decreases male hardiness when encountering DDT. Females do better than males when exposed…

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Professional Gives Tips on How to Choose Pest Control

Professional Gives Tips on How to Choose Pest Control We who own homes spend much of our free time maintaining our space to prolong the value of the house and keep ourselves (and family members) comfortable.  Even if you are a diehard do-it-yourselfer, pest management is a task most people contract with a professional. Typically,…

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Choosing a Pest Professional in Waco, Texas

Choosing a Pest Professional Chances are, if you needed new cabinets put in, maintenance to your air conditioner, or your pool treated, you would hire a professional. It’s no different with pest control needs: calling in a professional is always the best option. In this video by Pestworld, viewers learn what to look for when…

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